Media Appearances

Dr. Christine McGinn in the Media

"The Danish Girl" 2015

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Dr. Christine McGinn received a "special thanks" film credit for her work on the Danish Girl (Focus Features 2015).

Michael Smerconish on CNN
April 30, 2015

Dr. Christine McGinn joins Michael Smerconish to provide unique perspective on Caitlyn Jenner's transition and what's ahead.

Vogue, May 2015
"Trans America: The Next Frontier in Gender Politics"

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Dr. Christine McGinn contributed to the article "Trans America: The Next Frontier in Gender Politics".

The Dr. Oz Show
March 11, 2015: "Understanding Transgender"

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Dr. Oz and Dr. Christine McGinn explain how research shows that there are biologic causes for transgender individuals looking to transition.

The Dr. Oz Show
March 29, 2012: "Transgender Families"

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Dr. Oz speaks with Dr. McGinn about Gender Confirmation Surgery (GCS).

Anderson Cooper
November 16, 2011: "Children & Teens Trapped in the Wrong Bodies"

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Anderson spends the hour talking to children who believe they are trapped in the wrong bodies, and discusses their parents' journey to acceptance. Anderson speaks with experts, including Dr. McGinn, to get a better understanding of the medical and psychological aspects of transgenders, and how these families are faced with new scientific options that would allow their kids to change their gender. Nominated for the 2012 GLAAD MEDIA AWARD (GLAAD Pictures).

The Oprah Winfrey Show
September 29, 2010: "Modern Families"

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Dr. McGinn and her partner Lisa discuss the recent birth of their biological twins, fertility options for Trans people and the reality of the "Modern Family" as Oprah celebrates her final season.

"TRANS" The Movie

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"TRANS" The Movie: A preview of the feature length documentary in production following Dr. McGinn as she discusses transgender issues that go deeper than the usual "coming out" story. Scheduled for release in the U.S. in 2012.

Press Release: Jim Collins Foundation to Award Multiple Grants for Gender Confirmation Surgeries

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"Thanks to the generous donation of pro bono services from Dr. Christine McGinn at the Papillon Center in New Hope, Pennsylvania the foundation is able to fund two surgeries this year. Dr. McGinn is one of the nation's leading surgeons specializing in gender-confirming surgery and an out transgender person herself. She has been featured on the GLAAD media award nominated Anderson Cooper show and will be highlighted on the Dr. Oz Show on March 29th."

Derek and Romaine Interview

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Join SIRIUS radio hosts Derek and Romaine as they explore the facts behind sexual function and Gender Confirmation Surgery.
In The Life
Dr.McGinn explores the negative impact of pathologizing gender dysphoria in the DSM-IV
CBS Kalamazoo
Local news station follows Dr. McGinn as she sheds light on the positive impact transition can have on genderfull people as Kalamazoo gears up to leagally support equal rights for the transgender community.
NY Times
This Times VLOG follows one of Dr. McGinn's patients who considers her transition as a "Second Chance" on life.
The DO
The DO interviews Dr. McGinn on discrimination in health care and what we can do to change it.
NY Times
Dr. McGinn chimes in on the complex issue of the gender science vs the binary world of Olympic Sports.

Older Media Appearances/Consultations

WKNON 89.3 FM Dallas TX (2000)
MSNBC Investigates "A CHANGE OF GENDER" (2001) (copy available on request)
WYBE TV Philly Live (2001)
MSNBC Hardball, "San Francisco to Fund Sex Change Surgery for City Workers" (2001)
The Discovery Channel "Changing Sexes" (2003)
TLC "The Sex Change Capitol of the World" (2004)
ABC WPVI "Health Check: TG Medical Treatments" (2005)
CBS 3 "Health: Switching Genders" (2006)
LOGO Channel "Be Real" (2007)
PBS "Transgenderism and the DSMV" (2008)