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Transgenderism and Medical Insurance

The emotional and financial costs involved with claiming ones human right to express their gender can be daunting, both for those with gender variance and their loved-ones. The unfortunate truth is that the monetary cost is prohibitive for the majority of those who are simply trying to live in harmony with their internal gender compass. Often times, patients find it difficult to obtain basic medical care because their medical provider is uncomfortable with a patient�s appearance or not knowledgeable about the conditions involving gender variance. Even though the current model of counseling, contra-hormone therapy, and surgery has been scientifically proven to successfully improve the quality of life in gender variant individuals, the medical community has a long history of inaction in utilizing this proven treatment. Since the first recorded modern gender confirmation surgery in the 1930�s, thousands of these operations have been performed on a routine basis by dedicated and courageous practitioners.

We currently live in a time when momentum is building for change! As science expands our understanding of gender variance and medical schools add gender variance training, the insurance companies will find it more difficult to defend their discriminatory practices. Currently, the US federal government has formed a special committee to review the trans-discriminatory practices of employers and the American Medical Association has passed Resolution 122 to help remove financial barriers to transgender healthcare.

While this is exciting news, until discussion results in action, access to health care is still a major problem for the majority of transgender individuals. In the mean time there are other tools to defray the cost of transition. Thanks to our network of experience-based volunteers, we have accumulated some helpful tips to help you navigate insurance issues, while simultaneously empowering the community. Please make use of this complimentary service, but we also ask for your patience with the response time, as we receive many inquiries. Remember to make questions specific, so that we may better understand your situation. Also note that the information given is a collective, anecdotal, grassroots effort and should not take the place of professional financial advice.

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