Contra-Hormone Therapy

MtF and FtM Hormone Services


Papillon Center offers individually tailored Contra-Hormone Therapy (CHT) managed by Dr. Christine McGinn, D.O. to meet your unique transition needs. We recommend you take advantage of our bio-identical hormones and topical delivery systems, which promote a safe and effective pathway to a lifelong CHT regimen.

We understand the expense and effort invested in laboratory testing, prescriptions and numerous office visits. We work diligently to keep your costs to a minimum without sacrificing results. Our CHT nurse will contact you monthly and coordinate services between the pharmacy, your therapist, Dr. McGinn and your primary care physician.

At Papillon Gender Wellness Center, you are not reduced to a number or a code, you are a patient with a name and a face we recognize! The complex interaction of hormones, hair removal and gender confirmation surgery can be overwhelming to navigate. Why not contact the office and let us do what we do best... assist you in empowering yourself.


Papillon Gender Wellness Center follows the WPATH Standards of Care. This means we require a letter from a therapist recommending you to begin CHT. If your therapist is not experienced in transgender issues we may require additional evaluation by one of our therapists. The format for the letter can be found on the WPATH website. If you do not currently have a gender therapist, we can assist you in locating one. If you already have recent lab results and therapy letters, please bring these to your initial consultation.
Please see Therapy Letter Requirements for an indepth overview of CHT recommendation letter requirements.

The annual fee is the same for both insured and non-insured patients. Each patient will have different requirements for laboratory testing based on preexisting medical conditions and individual response to hormones. A separate estimate for lab work and prescriptions will be given at the time of initial consultation after your health and insurance is determined. Dr. McGinn will evaluate your individual situation and work with you to devise the safest, most cost effective treatment plan.

More Information

To schedule an appointment or request more in-depth information, please Contact Papillon Center.