Facial Surgery

Facial Feminization and Botox� injections included.


There are a wide variety of surgeries that Dr. Christine McGinn, D.O. performs, both for facial feminization surgery (FFS) and also facial rejuvenation procedures such as face lift and eye lid surgery.

Most procedures are outpatient procedures, but combination procedures sometimes require overnight hospitalization.

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Surgery List

Blepharoplasty Improve appearance of eyelids.
Botox�, Juvaderm�, Sculptra� injections Wrinkle reduction and volume restoration.
Cheek Implants
Chin Implants
Face Lift
Forehead Lift (Brow Lift)
Minor Brow Reduction
Rhinoplasty Improves the appearance of the nose.
Scalp Reduction Improves the hair line.
V-Y Lip Augmentation Augmentation of lips without use of fat graft or prosthesis. (Results)

Facial Feminization

There is a difference between feminizing procedures and rejuvenating procedures. Many feminizing procedures will reduce the bony framework of the face, thus causing the overlying skin to sag and look aged (the opposite of rejuvenation). If you are planning significant chin, jaw, nose and forehead reduction you can expect the face to age prematurely. This premature aging can be compounded when combined with the effects of beard removal techniques. Below are a few tips for minimizing this problem.

Timing of Electrolysis: Although Contra-Hormone Therapy (CHT) will not eliminate facial hair, it will lessen the amount of time needed to clear a face through electrolysis or laser. This will save money and also lessen the damaging effects that electrolysis and laser can have on your face. If it is at all possible, wait to start the hair removal process until you have started CHT. If you are patient, many times you will see that after a year or so on CHT, the body hair lessens significantly, without spending thousands of dollars on hair removal.

Plan Your Surgeries Wisely: If you will require significant bone reduction, be aware that you may desire "lifting" procedures at a later date to tighten the loose skin caused by the feminizing procedure. Be sure to budget this into your long-term plan. Many patients seen in consultation want a face lift ASAP. However, when asked about their long term plans, they want chin or jaw reduction down the road, when they have more money. This is an example of how one can waste their money by not timing surgeries properly. The face-lift will have a greater effect AFTER bone reduction surgery because the excess skin and sagging can be corrected. Another common mis-step is to have a facelift and then lose 25-35 pounds. A result of significant body weight loss is sagging of the excess skin. If the weight is lost BEFORE surgery, not only will the effects of the facelift be more remarkable, the risk associated with anesthesia will be dramatically reduced also.

For many patients, correcting the effects of hair loss is the top priority. They spend a fortune on hair transplantation only to later undergo a forehead reduction with scalp advancement, thus paying for the surgeon to remove their newly transplanted hair when the forehead skin is trimmed and tightened.

Lastly, we want to emphasize that smoking cessation, the use of sunscreen and proper nutrition is a simple way to preserve the youthfulness of your face.


Papillon Center requires all patients to not smoke for one month prior to any surgery. Individual facial surgeries may have additional requirements that will be covered during an appointment.

Initial Consultation

A consultation is required to setup a surgery date. It is preferable that it takes place in person in our office, however Papillon Center will make accommodations for individuals on a case by case basis.

The procedure(s) are outlined, including cost, risks, complications, and possible outcomes. Dr. McGinn will go over past surgical results, including pictures, as well as expectations and limitations. It is important to be honest and ask questions about subjects that you do not understand.

Scheduling and Time Requirements

Some of these procedures may require a short stay in Doylestown. Please contact Papillon Center for more information about your particular surgery. It is advised that if patients are flying to Pennsylvania that they have Flight Insurance due to varying healing times of each individual.

More Information

To schedule an appointment or request more in-depth information, please Contact Papillon Center.