with Lori Maurizi


Lori Maurizi
Papillon Center offers electrolysis performed by Lori Maurizi. Local anesthesia is administered by Dr. McGinn in the form of lidocaine injections.

Lori Maurizi is a Licensed Esthetician and Certified Electrologist. She specializes in the study of skin care and helps our patients acheive their goals in obtaining more healthy, beautiful skin. In addition to facials, she also provides glycolic peels, rejuvenating masks, Vitamin C/Enzyme treatments and back "facials". At Papillon, we understand that the process of permanent hair removal can often times be overwhelming, uncomfortable and long. Lori's professionalism and expertise in skin care will help you make this road easier to travel.

About Our Electrolysis

Electrolysis involves inserting a probe into a single hair follicle and destroying the matrix to prevent regrowth. Papillon Center uses two methods of electrolysis: flash thermolysis and blend. Flash thermolysis uses a fast alternating current of electricty to destroy the hair, and blend is a combination of flash thermolysis and galvanic. The most appropriate method is selected for each patient.

Genital electrolysis is not required for any surgical operation performed by Dr. McGinn, though it is highly recommended.

Before Electrolysis

For facial electrolysis it is best to not shave for 2-3 days before treatment. It is preferable for the hairs to be approximately 1-2mm in length. Genital electrolysis requires that the entire genital region be shaved 5 days before treatment, and that the hair be approximately 3-4mm in length. For pre-operative genital electrolysis, the entire area does not need to be treated. However the entire area needs to be shaved prior to electrolysis to guarantee accessibility of each hair follicle during treatment. Shaving 5 days before genital electrolysis is a requirement. Patients who do not shave properly will not be treated and must reschedule the appointment.

Recovery and Scheduling

Generally the face recovers approximately 1-2 hours after the treatment. Genitals may be sore or irritated for 3-5 days after electrolysis. Some minor scabbing may occur, though this generally uncommon. Minor bruising may occur in patients that receive lidocaine injections.

Pre-operative genital clearing usually takes one session every month for 6 months. The initial session is 3-6 hours, and later sessions can last approximately 1-3 hours. It is important to maintain a consistent schedule to insure the success of electrolysis.

Electrolysis for male pattern facial hair generally requires 200-400 hours of electrolysis work and requires the patient to be responsible in keeping appointments. Sessions generally last 2 hours, but can be scheduled for longer on an individual basis.