Reproductive Options for Patients

The nature of transgender surgery and being yourself is unfortunately marred by the myth that after Gender Confirmation Surgery (GCS) and Contra-Hormone Therapy (CHT), patients will not be capable of producing biological children. For some transgender people, this is not so much a concern... For others it means losing an important, life-changing option.

Papillon Center recommends clients to Northern Fertility & Reproductive Associates and the Fairfax Cryobank, a fertility clinic with offices in Philadelphia and Montgomery County. Dr. McGinn and her partner Lisa have used their services personally to achieve their current biologic pregnancy after 8 years of sperm cryopreservation. There are many unique issues surrounding transgender fertility, and Dr. McGinn will assist you in exploring your unique situation. During your initial consultation, Dr. McGinn will discuss the options available prior to CHT. Dr McGinn does not recommend pregnancy (FtM) or sperm storage (MtF) after beginning CHT, so please take the time to consider your options before beginning this process.