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Medical Tattooing & Permanent Make-Up

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Alexis - Medical Tattooing
Alexis was recently showcased in the Oxygen Reality Series "Best Ink"
Medical Tattooing is the perfect complement to put the finishing touch on your surgical procedure. Papillon Center is the first center of its kind to implement this proven technique in a trans-specific way. Medical tattooing has long been used to camouflage scars, improve nipple appearance in cancer patients and for permanent make-up.

Dr. McGinn offers tattooing to improve upon the specific limitations of surgery. Tattooing is an excellent option for pigmentation optimization after vaginoplasty, to further define the labia and bring the final coloring closer to the natal female vagina. For transmen, nipple pigmentation can become uneven or misshapen over time and tattooing can improve symmetry, shape and pigmentation. Of course we provide local anesthetic so your experience with be as comfortable as possible. In addition to trans specific medical tattooing, we offer permanent make-up(eye-brows, eye-liner, lips) and scar camouflage that can be combined with other services at Papillon Center.


Alexis is a professional tattoo artist and has many years of experience in the field of medical tattooing. She has an impressive portfolio of medical and non medical tattoo artistry. Prices vary, depending on the extent of the tattoo. For more information, please contact the office.


Before Tattooing
After Tattooing
Before/After Tattooing

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