Voice Therapy


Papillon Center works to assist patients with providing access to a full spectrum of transgender related services. As part of this access we recommend the following professionals for assistance with voice therapy. Ren�e G. Blaker and Rhonda Rulnick both have experience working with transgender patients and are experts in their field.

An Example of Voice Therapy

Samples of Dr. McGinn's voice before and after voice therapy. The Before file is an old recording of Dr. McGinn in 1996 that she used in studying for flight school. The After file is a recording from 2006 following 6 months of weekly voice therapy with Rhonda Rulnick in 1999.
Voice Therapy
Ren�e G. Blaker, M.A., C.C.C.-SLP
Speech & Language Pathologist. Offices based out of Doylestown, PA.

Keys to a Great Voice and Therapy

Good Physical Health
Compliance & Practice
Readiness to Accept Change In Voice
Proper Breathing for Speech
Tension Release
Good Posture

Things to Avoid

Excessive Alcohol
Excessive Caffeine